No two businesses are the same, even if they operate within the same industry. Our approach to doing business is simple; we take time to get to know you, the client, and learn how your business works.  We carry out a detailed fact find of your business, taking into account your current and future business plans and expectations.  Then we carry out an appraisal of your existing insurances to establish whether or not the cover provided reflects your ongoing business requirements.  Following the appraisal we well then provide you with a report, detailing our understanding of your insurance requirements, an appraisal of your existing insurance cover and also detailing any apparent mistakes or deficiencies in your existing insurance arrangements.

On occasions, clients may have enjoyed a long terms business relationship with their current insurance advised but still wish to have an independent review and appraisal or audit of their insurance requirements without feeling the obligation to “fire” their existing insurance broker and, in the process, appoint a new insurance adviser. In these circumstances, we are happy to work on a consultative basis only when we carry out an appraisal of your insurance requirements, in return for an agreed fee, but where there is no expectation of us being appointed as your insurance adviser.  Naturally, once the audit is completed, if you decided that you would like to appoint us as your new insurance advisers then we would be pleased to discuss how we could be of further assistance to you.

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